Graffiti is a crime that affects the whole community. We work closely with the police and other partners to identify and deal with people who damage and graffiti the borough.

We will remove graffiti as a priority if it is:

  • racist, offensive or abusive
  • on Council property

For racist, offensive or abusive graffiti, we’ll remove it within one working day of it being reported – the rest we’ll remove within ten days.

If you find graffiti on your own property, try to remove it yourself. If you require advice report it to us online and we will assist where possible.

We can also help repeat victims who’ve only had limited success removing graffiti, and the local community where it would benefit from having graffiti removed.

You will be redirected to the new beta site to make this report.

Report Graffiti

Graffiti on commercial premises

Businesses and shops are responsible for removing graffiti from their own property.

There are a number of specialist companies that offer both graffiti removal services and products.

Graffiti on private properties

Please note that we will not remove graffiti from private properties, unless it is racist, offensive or abusive.

Tips for preventing graffiti

  • remove it quickly and often - vandals are less likely to target you then
  • keep a small tin of matching coloured paint to hand for painted surfaces
  • plant shrubs or climbers next to walls and fences if possible
  • think about using anti-graffiti paint