Eadweard Muybridge

Kingston's Muybridge Collection

On display at the museum you can see the original Zoopraxiscope moving image projector, Muybridge's biunial lantern with which he delivered his famous lecture tours on the Attitudes of Animals in Motion, a rare panorama of San Francisco (1878) and assorted packing crates and ephemera.

The Kingston History Centre stocks a variety of books on Muybridge and a copy of his personal scrapbook which documents his career and achievements. Other collections such as Muybridge's lantern slides, zoopraxiscope discs and original prints may be accessed by appointment only. Please email the curator at [email protected] with enquiries.

Please Note: There is an ongoing audit of the Muybridge Collection. Therefore appointments to view Muybridge material, and applications for loans from this collection, are at the curator's discretion.

Muybridge images are available on the following sites: