Ceremonial dress

Accepted form of dress

The Mayor's robe, chain and badge of office are the outward signs of his or her civic office. Listed below are the types of events that the Mayor attends along with the accepted form of dress:

Special functions in the borough when royalty is present

Robe, chain and badge.

Public function connected with the business of the Council at which royalty is present

Robe, chain and badge.

Mayor's own dinners and receptions

Robe, chain and badge at reception; chain and badge afterwards.

Public functions in the borough at which the Mayor is present by invitation

Chain and badge.

Charity meetings, bazaars and private functions in the borough

Chain and badge.

Functions outside the borough at which royalty is present

Chain and badge (or otherwise in conformity with wishes of Royalty and the Mayor of the Borough within which the function takes place).

Any other function outside the borough

Badge only, with the consent of the Mayor or Chair of the District concerned. (This will also apply to the wearing of former Mayor's and Mayoress' badges at civic functions outside the Borough).

Events attended by the Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor is not allowed to wear the chain of office when the Mayor is present, except on civic occasions when the Council is robed, for example Council meetings.