Kingston Ancient Market Place

The 'new' Ancient Market

Kingstonfirst manages the Ancient Market on behalf of the Council.

The 'new' Ancient Market will build on its existing strengths by providing a high quality hot and cold food offer.

The emphasis will be on local traders and local producers providing the essentials for a daily shopping basket, something tasty for lunch or a treat for the weekend.

The new layout for the market will provide 29 permanent stalls compared with only 25 at present. There will also be space to accommodate up to 24 pop up market stalls which will allow more opportunities for a wider range of traders to enjoy a pitch at the Ancient Market.

Cyclists welcome in the new Market Place 

We have installed more cycle racks to make the Ancient Market more user friendly for cyclists. 

The Sustrans national cycle route running along the western side of the Market Place is marked by a band of lighter coloured granite paving.