Kingston Ancient Market Place

Creating a great space in a special place

The Ancient Market is at the heart of Kingston’s historic town centre core and crucial to the success of the Kingston Futures initiative – a coordinated programme of regeneration and place shaping projects with a particular focus on the town centre.

Our strategic objectives for the Ancient Market are:

  • to create a great space in a special place right at the historic core of Kingston
  • to promote a historic and cultural quarter which acts as a vibrant and active destination at the heart of Kingston town centre
  • to diversify the evening economy in Kingston town centre, with a particular emphasis on offering more arts, cultural, entertainment, recreational uses and associated activities
  • to develop stronger economic, spatial and visual connections between the Market Place and other key sites in the Ancient Market Enhancement Area, including the riverside which has huge potential to generate footfall and to act as a venue for further cultural activities
  • to ensure that individual projects all fit into a bigger picture that enhances the character of the Ancient Market Area, and promotes a unique sense of place

The plan below shows the Ancient Market Enhancement Area, highlighting the key connections with the River Thames and the retail core of the town centre.


View Ancient Market Enhancement Area in a larger map