Kingston Town Designated Public Place Order

About the Designated Public Place Order

A Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) has been established around Kingston Town Centre with effect from 12 June 2014.

This means that if someone is consuming, or about to consume, alcohol in a public place, within the designated area, the police have the discretionary power to ask the person to stop drinking and hand over any alcohol in their possession.

A DPPO is not a ban on drinking alcohol

Drinking can be allowed in a DPPO area. The DPPO powers do not intend to disrupt peaceful activities, for example families having a picnic in a park with a glass of wine.

Although the DPPO gives the police the power to stop an individual from drinking alcohol, regardless of behaviour, it is intended to be used to address nuisance or annoyance associated with the consumption of alcohol in a public place.

An offence is only committed when someone fails to follow a request from a police officer or police community support officer to stop drinking and hand over any alcohol in their possession.

If someone commits an offence in a DPPO, they could:

  • receive a penalty notice, or
  • be arrested and prosecuted - if convicted, the court may impose a fine of up to level two of the standard scale (currently £500)

How you know you are in the DPPO

See the DPPO area map page for the map of the designated area. When out an about you will see the following sign displayed around the DPPO, indicating that you are within the area:

Notice describing the maximum fee of £500 for continuing to drink alcohol in this area when asked not to do so by a police officer.