How to protect your Business

How to protect your Business

Five steps to Protect your Business:

1. Identify the potential risks to your business and understand the impact they could have. 

2. Plan and prepare for risks that are most likely to impact you. Planning and preparation is critical to surviving a disturbance and ensuring your business can continue to function. This can be achieved through prioritising your critical activities and implementing a series of relatively simple steps. 

3. Document key contacts using the templates provided on the London Prepared websites. Document useful contacts or services (e.g. insurance company, landlord, local authority, staff, customers, suppliers, utility companies, Security Company and the emergency services). Having these contacts to hand will be essential should a disturbance arise.

4. Check that you’re fully insured and that all documentation is stored safely. Insurance is essential for all businesses. Make sure that your insurance is renewed and covers all the risks you may face. Are there limits to your cover/do you need further cover for specific risks?  The Association of British Insurers offers downloadable guidance for smaller businesses.

5. Contact Kingston Council and register with business networks. Being connected is an important part of building for your business and there are many professional networks that can be approached. Your local authority may be able to help you by:

  • Providing information and suggesting appropriate networks or Business Continuity groups
  • Offering presentation to staff and management on how to protect your business
  • Supporting the development of plans and exercises where appropriate