Carrying out the arrangements yourself when someone has died

Registrars and coroners certificates

The registrar, once the death has been registered, will issue a certificate, which authorises a burial or cremation to take place. This is generally referred to as the "green certificate" or "disposal certificate". We cannot allow a burial or cremation unless we have received this certificate. The certificate is free of charge.

If the death has been referred to the coroner, it cannot be registered until the registrar has received authority from the coroner. If there is no inquest the coroner may issue a "pink form" (form 100) which gives the cause of death so that registration can take place. The form may be sent directly to the registrars or you may be asked to deliver it.

Where a post-mortem examination has been made, the cause of death certified and an inquest opened - the coroner will issue a form 6 (certificate for cremation). This takes the place of the registrars "green certificate" and the two medical certificates (forms 4 and 5).