Our policies and strategies

Outline of policies and strategies

This section outlines the policies and strategies we follow in Kingston Bereavement Services.

Charter for the bereaved

We have adopted the Charter for the bereaved issued by the Institute of Burial and Cremation Administration.

Read more about our Charter for the bereaved

Your right to inspect facilities

We welcome anyone who wishes to inspect our cremation or burial process. Simply contact our Bereavement office for an appointment.

Read more about Your right to inspect facilities

Cemetery and crematorium regulations

Download and read the full Cemetery and crematorium regulations

Protecting our environment

Biodiversity Policy

Cemeteries can support an important diversity of wildlife and in some cases act as a valuable refuge for rare or uncommon species particularly in the urban context.

Download and read the full Biodiversity Policy

Environmental Guidelines

We take the environment very seriously and recognise the need to be environmentally aware in order to reduce costs and pollution, and to protect and nurture the wide variety of fauna and flora within our grounds which we believe enhances funerals.

Download and read the full Environmental Guidelines

Lichen Policy

Many people are familiar with lichens, especially those found on tombstones and chapel and church masonry. This fascinating organism is not a conventional plant but is actually two 'plants' in one. 

Download and read the full Lichen Policy