Tenancy conditions and easy read guide to your tenancy agreement

We have recently updated our tenancy agreement and conditions.  All new secure tenants will now sign our new tenancy agreement.

We have also created an easy read guide to your tenancy agreement. These documents are attached below.

A list of the main changes is detailed below;

  1. Combined the Sheltered and Intro/secure tenancies into one agreement

  2. Removed the Jargon page

  3. Detailed the Council responsibilities under one section instead of being throughout the document 

  4. Detailed the Tenant responsibilities, broken down into sections 

  5. Added a section on tenancy fraud 

  6. Added fire safety conditions 

  7. Detailed the conditions for keeping pets

  8. Detailed vacant possession

  9. Updated the document so it meets our legal requirements 

  10. Created an easy read guide

  11. New tenancies will be signed online 

Please click the links below to read the updated tenancy agreement or the easy read guide.

Read the 2022 Tenancy conditions

Easy read guide to your tenancy agreement

Last Modified: 30/03/2022 09:11:51