Mutual Exchange Policy

A mutual exchange is when two or more social housing tenants swap homes with the permission of their respective landlords.

It offers mobility and choice to those who may not have access to a housing needs register or sufficient priority to move quickly through the normal allocation process.

It can also help in situations where tenants need to move to a completely different area or to a different size property.

Kingston Council recognises that the option to exchange tenancies can be of a benefit in providing mobility to tenants.

The Policy sets out the Council’s approach to Mutual Exchanges and provides tenants with information on the requirements/criteria needed for a mutual exchange of properties.

Kingston Council is committed to ensuring that the mutual exchange process is clear and easy to follow.


This policy applies to all Kingston Council’s tenants who have a secure tenancy and anyone applying to become a RBK tenant via way of mutual exchange.

This includes a tenant of:

  • this or another local authority, or ALMO acting on the local authority’s behalf;
  • a registered social housing provider (housing association)
  • a charitable housing trust

Conditions for Mutual Exchanges to take place

Consent must be obtained from Kingston Council (RBK) and all other landlords before a mutual exchange can take place.

In the event that a mutual exchange occurs without our knowledge or consent, the occupants will be treated as unauthorised and legal action to repossess the property may be taken.

The applicants of a mutual exchange must be applying under their own free will, having found a suitable property match. They must not have been coerced or forced into making such an application and neither should any money or other form of recompense be offered or take place.

Read the full mutual exchnage policy

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