Housing Recharge Policy

This policy provides details of when the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames will recharge a tenant, licencee or leaseholder to recover the cost of all rechargeable repairs

The purpose of the rechargeable repairs function is to ensure that tenants, leaseholders and licensees accept liability for repair items which have been caused by wilful damage or by carelessness/negligence by the tenant/ leaseholder/licensee or his/her family or visitors to their home, including pets, pests and other animals. 

This will include reinstatement work made necessary by unsatisfactory tenant improvements and the clearance of rubbish left at the property including untidy gardens, but excludes fair wear and tear.

The intention of this policy is to adhere to our repairs obligations whilst maximising the recovery of costs for rechargeable works from our tenants and to ensure that tenants are made responsible for their actions whilst not causing undue financial hardship.

This policy aims to ensure that all tenants, leaseholders and licensees have information relating to situations in which they will be required to pay for repairs and how this will be enforced.

The tenant, leaseholder or licensee is responsible for the repair of any rechargeable works. If the tenant wants the Council to carry out such work the repair will be made safe or repaired at the first visit.

Tenants, leaseholders and licensees will be given the opportunity to rectify any rechargeable repair works themselves to Council approved standards, unless the disrepair is deemed to be unsafe, in which case it will be made safe at the tenant, leaseholder or licensees expense.

If the tenant, leaseholder or licensee requests that the Council or its contractor carry out the repair works in full, or if the contractor deems this to be necessary, then the cost of the repair and will be recharged to the tenant, leaseholder or licensee.

The cost of the Repair may include a reasonable administration fee. Which is currently 10% of the cost of the recharge, up to a maximum of £50.00

Unless there is an immediate safety concern, the tenant, leaseholder or licensee should be asked to complete Rechargeable Repairs Agreement prior to repairs being carried out. Failure to complete the agreement does not relinquish the tenant, leaseholder or licensee of liability for the repair or its costs, including the administration fee.

The Council may also charge the tenant, leaseholder or licensee for breaking into the property, broken or damaged sockets, loose wires, any other repair that is not deemed to be fair wear and tear, missed appointments and spurious calls including, but not limited to, exaggerating the urgency of works or giving false information.

There is a Handyman service available to residents living in sheltered accommodation as well as those that are over the age of 65 or have disabilities or vulnerabilities throughout the borough. This service may be able to provide assistance with small household tasks. For more information please call 0208 547 5003. 


This policy applies to all current Council tenants, leaseholders and licensees and any previous tenants, leaseholders and licensees who are liable for repair works, including removal of rubbish, flooring, fixtures and fittings resulting from their previous occupancy.

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Last Modified: 14/10/2022 15:44:18