Housing and Landlord Resident Engagement Strategy

The Housing and Landlord Resident Engagement Strategy complements the council’s approach to engaging with residents and businesses across a wide range of topics and issues outlined in the Community Engagement Framework. This strategy focuses specifically on our work with council tenants and leaseholders, and looks to strengthen our approach to engaging with residents routinely about the services and issues that affect them. 

The aims and ambitions included in this strategy are: 

  • To engage and empower residents in the scrutiny and delivery of housing services; 
  • To listen and act on residents views and feedback about housing services;
  • To ensure people feel safe in their home;
  • To ensure homes are safe and meet legal requirements;
  • To build more social housing in the Borough; 
  • To invest in existing properties and assets and make best use of stock; 
  • Managing homes as efficiently and effectively as possible; 
  • To make the best use of technology and digital tools;
  • To make a positive difference to residents, building confidence and reducing harm;
  • Minimising the impact on the environment and contributing positively to net zero targets;
  • Tailoring services to the needs of residents who require additional help, support, adaptations, digital enablement, employment and training opportunities;
  • Improving health and tackling social and economic disadvantage;
  • Demonstrating prudent financial judgement and value for money in the procurement and delivery of housing services;
  • Maximising income and collection of rents, fees and charges;
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of service delivery; 
  • To ensure housing estates are looked after and pleasant places to live and work;
  • To deliver the regeneration of the Cambridge Road Estate; 
  • Invest in our staff, teams and relationships demonstrating our values.

For more details read our resident engagement strategy

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