Options for moving

Bid for homes in other London boroughs (Housing Moves)

Vacant properties that aren’t advertised

We sometimes offer individuals and families vacant properties rather than advertising them for bids. We may do this for:

  • people are vulnerable or who have specific housing needs
  • tenants whose homes are being demolished or having major works
  • homeless households whose lease on temporary accommodation has ended and who haven’t successfully bid for a property
  • households in cases of extreme hardship
  • overcrowded households that have been living in temporary private accommodation for more than a year (through the Breathing Space scheme) if the private landlord decides to end their tenancy
  • live-in council workers we have a duty to re-house, such as a school caretaker, if they haven’t bid successfully for a home by the time they retire or resign

If a property is advertised but no bids are received, we contact suitable applicants and ask if they would like it.


Properties advertised to other London boroughs

Up to five per cent of our vacant properties are being advertised to people living in other London boroughs under the Mayor of London’s Housingmoves scheme.  People in this borough cannot bid for these homes.

But council and housing association tenants in Kingston upon Thames can bid for properties offered by other London boroughs through the same scheme, if they want to relocate.

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