Bid for a property

How to bid for properties

Once you are on the Housing Register you can ‘bid’ for council and housing association properties in the borough and in South West London (Croydon, Lambeth, Merton, Richmond upon Thames, Sutton and Wandsworth).

What is bidding?

You tell us if there’s a property you would like to live in - this is called putting in a ‘bid’. It does not involve money - you simply put your name down as interested. We call it Choice Based Lettings as you can choose which homes you like rather than us matching you to homes.

Bid online

You can bid for a property online using the Home Connections website.

View and bid for a property

You’ll need your User ID and PIN. These are in the letter we sent you confirming you are on the Housing Register. If you do not have them please contact us.

You can bid anytime from Wednesday (just after midnight on Tuesday) to midnight on Sunday on the Home Connections website. The day or time you bid doesn’t affect the outcome. And you can bid for as many suitable properties as you like. The advert includes the street name, a photograph and things like the number of bedrooms, what floor it’s on, if there’s a lift, the mobility category – and the rent.

There is also a mobile app availble for Android and Apple. The Home Connections apphas a simple and straightforward interface makes searching, bidding, and managing your property bids easier than ever. Find the Home Connections app on the Google Play Store and Apple App store.

Help for people who can’t bid online

If you find it difficult bidding, we can set up automatic bidding for you, known as Autobid. You tell us which areas of the borough you’d like to live in (up to seven) and any other boroughs you’d like to live in that we have links with. Bids are then automatically placed for any suitable homes that become available there.

We set up all homeless households in temporary accommodation and on the Housing Register with automatic bidding.

Last Modified: 29/05/2020 10:41:10