Put up scaffolding

You will need a licence if you want to put up scaffolding, tower or gantry. 

Only scaffold companies can apply to us for the licence and they must have at least £5 million public liability insurance.

Deposit and fees

  • Minor Road:  £314.21
  • Major Road:  £336.36

These fees are per month (28 days) and there is also a minimum refundable deposit of £400.

Once you've completed the works, we will inspect the site. If there's any damage to the highway, we will send you an estimate of the works and deduct this from your deposit, including any additional costs for administration.

It is your responsibility to reclaim your deposit. You must reclaim it within one year of completing the works or it will not be returned.


Applicants should be the person who ensures the conditions of the licence are met.

Apply online

Licence conditions

  • there must be a minimum width/access for pedestrians walking under or passing a scaffold of 1.2 metres between standards
  • there must be a minimum width/access of 1.2 metres between the hoarding and kerb line for pedestrians. If the footway is too narrow to accommodate the above, the hoarding must be erected on the kerb line and a temporary walkway with handrail must be constructed. If the above situation occurs contact the Compliance Team
  • standards must be erected 450mm from the face of the kerb .Where a scaffold is close to or on the carriageway you will be required to place and maintain appropriate barriers and signage
  • unless otherwise agreed by the Compliance Team, scaffolds must be lit at each end and every 4m thereafter. (S.169 Highways Act 1980)
  • all standards must be taped red & white at pedestrian height and where required protectively covered. Where pedestrian walkways are necessary, all standards must be boxed in. Standards must be housed in base plates
  • all scaffolds must be double boards and polythene on the first lift
  • ladders must be within the framework of the scaffold and not obstruct pedestrians
  • on construction and demolition works all scaffolds must be "fanned out" at 6M and brickguards must be used on all levels
  • Statutory undertaker's apparatus must not be obstructed
  • you must comply with any instruction issued to you by the local authority. Unsafe scaffolds will be reported to HSE and if any conditions are contravened the local authority may withdraw the licence and prosecute the applicant
  • a copy of the licence must be displayed / affixed to the scaffold and a courtesy board must be fixed to the scaffold with the contact name and emergency phone number
  • deposits must be reclaimed within one year of the expiry date of the licence. The request should be made in writing on completion of the works. Deposits will not be returned beyond this date or if damage is caused to the highway

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