Put up hoarding

If you want to put up a hoarding or other protective fence, even on private property or adjacent to the Highway, you will require a licence. 

Deposit and fees

These fees are per month (28 days) and there is also a minimum refundable deposit of £400.

  • Minor Road : £314.21
  • Major road: £336.36

Once you've completed the works, we will inspect the site. If there's any damage to the highway, we will send you an estimate of the works and deduct this from your deposit, including any additional costs for administration.

It is your responsibility to reclaim your deposit. You must reclaim it within one year of completing the works or it will not be returned.


You can apply for this license online. 

Apply online

Licence conditions

Highway Act 1980 Section 172 & 173

  • there must be a minimum width/access of 1.2 metres between the hoarding and kerb line for pedestrians. If the footway is too narrow to accommodate the above, the hoarding must be erected on the kerb line and a temporary walkway with handrail must be constructed. If the above situation occurs you must contact us
  • unless otherwise agreed with us, all hoardings must be lit at each end and every 4m thereafter
  • the hoarding is to be painted white, however we may permit an alternative colour upon request
  • no advertising will be allowed unless granted permission, Health & Safety signs and notices may be fixed to the hoarding
  • graffiti and fly posters must be removed within 24 hrs
  • all hoardings must have a securely fixed courtesy board displaying the name of an emergency contact and telephone number. A copy of this licence must be displayed on the hoarding
  • statutory authorities' apparatus must not be obstructed
  • all work must be carried out and materials stored behind the hoarding
  • hoardings must be securely erected (Section 173 Highways Act)
  • if any conditions are contravened the licensing authority may withdraw the licence and prosecute the applicant
  • deposits must be reclaimed within one year of the expiry date of the licence. The request should be made in writing on completion of the works.  Deposits will not be returned beyond this date or if damage is caused to the highway

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