Place overhanging banner or apparatus over highway

If you want to fix or place banners, bunting, beams or apparatus on or over the public highway you will require a licence. The apparatus may be temporary or permanent.


£275 which covers administration and the 1st month’s fee

£275 for any subsequent months this includes weekly inspections

£100 refundable deposit for each banner


Allow at least six weeks to apply.

Applications must be made by the owner of the proposed projection and/or the land to which the projection is associated.

You will also need to enclose:

  • a copy of your public liability insurance policy showing cover of at least £6 million
  • a method statement on how the item will be installed, maintained and removed

You will need to include a copy of a diagram or map and a copy of the fixing point load test certificate

Apply online

Licence conditions

  • the applicant will be responsible for any damage caused by the banner/apparatus to the highway, street furniture, private property and all personal injury in connection therewith
  • a method statement for installation, maintenance and removal of the installation must be provided to the Council with the application
  • eyebolts or fixing points must be checked and load tested, in addition the relevant area of masonry or wall must also be capable of withstanding the relevant load. The accompanying test certificate should additionally include a statement to the integrity of the wall and include a high resolution photograph showing the fixing and wall on either side for an area of at least 1.5 metres. All work should be undertaken by experienced competent contractors in accordance with the relevant industry standards
  • as may be directed by the Council, apparatus or banners considered to be of significant size and/or loading will need to be provided with a design and check certificate signed by a suitably competent person
  • with regard to headroom, the minimum clearance to the underside of banners or suspension cables from the highway surface must be a) Fire paths 4.0m b) Designated High Load Routes – 6.45m c) Other carriageway and shared surfaces where vehicles have access - 5.7m d) Footways, footpaths and areas restricted to pedestrians – 3.0m
  • the Council reserves the right to remove the banner / apparatus should it become unsafe. The cost of so doing will be recovered from the applicant 

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