Build a temporary vehicle crossing

If you want to build a temporary vehicle crossing over the public highway, you will require a licence.

Deposit and fees

  • £200 for the first month the cross-over is in place
  • £140 for any subsequent months
  • A refundable deposit of £100 per square metre also applies

Once the works are completed, we will inspect the site. If there is any damage as a result of the works, an estimate will be sent to you and the full amount will be deducted from the deposit including any additional costs for administration.

All deposits must be reclaimed within one year of completion. They will not be returned after that.

Refunds cannot be given if you are late in applying for a licence extension if you underestimate the time needed to complete the work.


Applicants should be the person who ensures the conditions of the licence are met.

To apply download, complete and return the application form. You will also need to enclose:

  • a copy of your public liability insurance policy
  • a method statement on how the item will be installed, maintained and removed

You may also want to include a copy of a diagram or map and a copy of the fixing point load test certificate. Please return all completed applications to

Temporary structure application form

Licence conditions

Highways Act 1980 s184 (3) & (9)

  • all excavations must be signed and guarded
  • you must carry out a “Cat & Genny” scan of the area to be excavated to establish the position of any statutory authorities' apparatus
  • care must be taken to avoid damage to statutory authorities' apparatus, the named person on the licence will be responsible for all costs in connection with repairs to damaged apparatus
  • footway, carriageways and verges must be reinstated to specification, if an application has been made for a permanent crossover then advice must be sought from the Crossover Technician
  • the footway and carriageway must be swept and kept clean daily
  • on completion you must inform the Compliance Team
  • the excavation and any materials on the footway or carriageway must be lit during the hours of darkness
  • if any conditions are contravened the authority may prosecute the applicant.
  • you must comply with any instruction issued by the Compliance Team
  • deposits must be reclaimed within one year of the expiry date of the licence. The request should be made in writing on completion of the works.  Deposits will not be returned beyond this date or if damage is caused to the highway
  • all temp crossovers must be constructed to the following specification.  100mm of type one, compacted in two layers of 50mm type one, 150mm of concrete 30N (dry lean concrete must be compacted with a roller or whacking plate, a minimum of 4 passes must be made). If the temporary crossover is to be used for heavy goods vehicles a layer of 12mm steel mesh should be placed 50mm above the top of the type one

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