Hearing impairments

If you’re having hearing problems, we recommend you talk to your GP first. They might then refer you to the Audiology Department of your local hospital for a hearing test, who could fit you with a hearing aid.

If you have hearing aids and you’re having problems with them you may wish to attend one of the walk in clinics at your Audiology Department.

Specialist hearing service

Our Sight and Hearing Service can help you if you are aged 18 and over, live in the borough and are concerned about your hearing loss. 

We provide services and support to help people with a hearing impairment to maintain or regain their independence. We can visit you at home to talk to you and your family/carer about how your hearing loss is affecting you in your everyday life.

Following an assessment of your needs, and where appropriate, the team can offer advice and information on:

  • specialist equipment (for things like hearing the TV or phone)

Local Organisations

Remark Community

National organisations

There are also national organisations that can give you lots of advice and information:

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