Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

As a local authority, we are required by law to have a Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE). The origins of SACREs go back to the Education Act of 1944 and were strengthened their place in local authorities by the Education Reform Act 1988 and the Education Act 1996. The responsibilities of the SACRE are to:

  • provide advice to the Council on all aspects of its provision for religious education (RE) in its schools (not including voluntary aided schools)
  • decide whether the Council's agreed syllabus for RE needs to be reviewed and to ensure we do so
  • provide advice to the Council on collective worship in its schools (not including voluntary aided or voluntary controlled schools)
  • consider any requests from headteachers to hold collective worship that is not of a broadly Christian character
  • advise on matters relating to training for teachers in RE and collective worship

The Agreed Syllabus

RE is a statutory requirement for all schools but it is not part of the national curriculum. We have the responsibility for devising the syllabus used for RE in the maintained schools in the borough. SACRE holds an agreed syllabus conference to review the syllabus every five years. Kingston SACRE has adopted the syllabus and schemes of work produced by RE Today.  Please contact the SACRE Clerk if you would like to a copy of this.

RE Award

The purpose of this award is both to celebrate the excellent work in teaching and learning in RE that is taking place in our schools and to raise the quality of RE within the borough through sharing good practice.  The assessment for the award will be carried out by experienced RE teachers who are members of Kingston SACRE.   If you wish to apply for the RE Award place contact the SACRE Clerk.

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