Kingston to New Malden

Kingston to New Malden is one of a number of projects that make up the Go Cycle programme. It is being looked at to see how we can transform walking and cycling facilities along the Kingston to New Malden corridor to provide a safe and accessible route that encourages people to walk and cycle, benefits local residents and supports local businesses by improving connections.

The three kilometre long route runs along Kingston Road and Cambridge Road, and connects with the proposed Kingston to Kingston Vale scheme to provide a direct route from New Malden to the town centre.

The proposals include:

  • improved cycling facilities through separation from traffic along the entire corridor.
  • better access and crossing facilities for pedestrians.
  • improved safety for bicycle riders - with junctions designed to give greater visibility and navigation for cyclists through intersections.
  • retention of loading/unloading bays for businesses.
  • additional cycle parking along the entire corridor.

In autumn 2016 we held a public consultation on our proposals for this project and we've published a report and summary of your feedback.

What's happening when?

Following public consultation in autumn 2016, consultants developed preliminary designs for Kingston to New Malden scheme taking into consideration the public's comments. 

The revised proposals were submitted to RBKs Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee in February 2020, and the Committee gave its approval for the scheme to proceed to detailed design and construction.

The subsequent Covid outbreak necessitated adjustments to the scheme, but construction of the project began in the spring of 2021, and works are planned to proceed in stages into early 2022.


  • Public consultation : 17 October - 17 November, 2016
  • Council committee approval : 11 February 2020 
  • Construction start : spring 2021


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