Kingston to Kingston Vale

About the Kingston to Kingston Vale scheme

This scheme will improve the key road linking Kingston to Kingston Vale and the A3 to better accommodate those travelling on foot or bicycle, by improving safety, and connectivity and transforming cycling facilities.

The scheme aims to:

  • Upgrade the cycleways by separating cylists from road traffic along the entire corridor
  • Improve safety for bicycle riders - redesigning junctions to give greater visibility and navigation for cyclists through intersections
  • Give better access and crossing points for pedestrians
  • Strengthen connections to Kingston Hospital, Kingston University, and Richmond Park 
  • Retain and clearly mark loading/unloading bays for business deliveries and commercial road users
  • Provide additional cycle parking along the entire corridor
  • Connect with the proposed Kingston to New Malden route at Cambridge Road in Kingston Town Centre, providing a safe interchange between the two corridors for cyclists and pedestrians.


  • public consultation - 17 October to 17 November, 2016 
  • granted approval by RBK Residents Committee - June 2017
  • construction started - January 2018
  • construction completed - Spring 2021

How will the cycle lanes improve cycling along the A308?

-Providing clearly identifiable and dedicated cycle lanes separated from motor traffic and will help cyclists safely navigate and travel the length of the route between the Robin Hood roundabout and Kingston Town Centre.

What will be the impact on motorists, buses and other motor vehicles travelling along the A308?

-The design of the road space will allow vehicles to continue to travel along the length of  the road. However providing dedicated separated lanes for cyclists will help reduce the number of cyclists on the road carriageway used by cars, buses and other vehicles.

Will motor vehicles travelling in opposite directions be able to safely pass each other?

-Yes. There will be sufficient width for large vehicles to pass each other.

What happens to the cycle lanes at bus stops?

-There are short areas of 'shared use' at bus stops where bus users will be getting on and off of buses. This type of layout has been successfully used in other parts of the UK and in Europe. Cyclists are expected to make safe and sensible allowance for bus passengers at bus stops. We will closely monitor the use and impacts of the bus stop layouts on all users.

Will cyclists have to use the new dedicated cycle lanes?

-We encourage cyclists to use the new dedicated segregated cycle lanes as they have been purposely designed to improve safety.  However cyclists are legally entitled to use the road, and more confident cyclists may therefore choose to remain on the carriageway.

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