Kingston High Street

Extending into the heart of Kingston Town Centre

The Kingston High Street scheme, opened in August 2018, extends the Portsmouth Road two-way cycle lane north along High Street towards the town centre, between the junction with South Lane and the north side of the Kingston Hall Road/High Street roundabout.

The scheme is designed to:

  • provide the essential link that joins the Portsmouth Road scheme with Kingston Town Centre,
  • add connectivity to the network of Go Cycle routes, linking with Wheatfield Way and Penrhyn Road (Kingston to Tolworth scheme) via Kingston Hall Road, 
  • improve the safety for all road users.

Key Aspects:

  • Providing safe passage for cyclists travelling both ways into and out of Kingston Town Centre by installing a two-way segregated cycle track on the west side of High Street between South Lane and Kingston Hall Road (continuing the Portsmouth road layout)
  • Better accommodation of deliveries to businesses by improving loading bay capacity, installing two additional loading bays on the High Street
  • Regulating the parking along the road by installing new signage and markings indicating no waiting or loading restrictions at any time outside loading bays
  • Making it easier for pedestrians, wheelchair users, parents with prams, to cross the road on the south side of Kingston Hall Road, by raising the zebra crossing so it's the same level with the 'pavement' either side of the road
  • Assisting the passage of pedestrians along the east side of Portsmouth Road by providing an additional footway to the north of South Lane
  • Improving the navigation and flow of people and vehicles around the mini-roundabout by making alterations to the curb layouts at the junction of the High Street and Kingston Hall Road.


  • announcement October 2018 
  • cycle lane opened August 2018
  • construction completed July 2018
  • construction - started May 2018
  • unanimous approval at Residents' Committee - November 2017
  • public consultation - June/July 2017

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