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Private houses and land

Flooding in private houses and on private land


If you need help or advice on flooding the Environment agency provides:

  • up to date flood warnings
  • advice on what to do when it floods
  • how to prepare for a flood
  • how to assess whether you are at risk of being flooded 


If you own land adjoining, above or with a watercourse running through it, you have certain rights and responsibilities. In legal terms you are a ‘riparian owner’. If you rent the land, you should agree with the owner who will manage these rights and responsibilities. The Environment agency has a plan to help you understand your responsibilities.

Tell us about flooding

If you notice a flood in your area you can tell us about the incident by phone or email. We will use the information to gather data on flooding in the borough and be better prepared for potential flooding.

Drainage from private houses

If you have a problem with the drainage from your house or on your land, it will either be the responsibility of the property or land owner or of Thames Water.

This includes drainage of:

  • the incoming service
  • waste or surface water
  • foul water

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