Managing development and building works

Structures or features that may reduce flooding

As the Lead Local Flood Authority we have powers to designate structures or features with a significant impact on flood risk. We do this to protect structures or features that play a role in reducing flood risk. If we have designated something it usually means that a number of properties would be at a greater risk of flooding if that structure or feature was removed.

A record of the designation will be put onto the Local Land Charges so that subsequent land owners will be made aware of the designation.

Once we have designated a feature, the owner must seek consent from us to alter, remove, or replace it.

If you make a change to a designated feature without our consent, we may issue an enforcement notice which will set out the steps that must be taken to restore the feature.

You may appeal against a designation notice, refusal of consent, conditions placed on a consent or an enforcement notice.

Contact us to discuss consent to alter a feature or structure that has been designated. 

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