Green Economy: Business roundtables

Business Growth Opportunities from the Green Economy

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Kingston Council, in partnership with Kingston Chamber of Commerce, invites all businesses in and around the borough, to join our virtual roundtables, focusing on the opportunities from the transition to a green economy.

We want to help local businesses grow back from the pandemic stronger and greener.

Guest speakers will be leading diverse discussions on questions such as:
• What are the business opportunities from the transition to a green economy?
• How can businesses implement low-cost actions to be more efficient and reduce emissions
• What does a green economy actually mean?
• Understand how tools and technologies can enable businesses to decarbonise and make savings
• Which barriers prevent businesses from becoming greener and how can these be removed?

These discussions will also offer an opportunity for businesses to tell us what type of support they need from us to take advantage of the opportunities created and innovate, become more efficient, invest and grow while becoming greener.

One event/webinar which will be consisted of:

A Preliminary Session:
These will set the scene: e.g. what is climate change & green economy; what are the typical business benefits that might arise from low carbon transitions.

Facilitated by Forbes Low: Kingston Chamber of Commerce

Speakers: Prof. Audley Gensus, Kingston University; Dr. Neil Jennings, Grantham Institute/Imperial College; Isabella O'Dowd, WWF-UK; David Symons, WSP.

Breakout Groups
There will be three breakout groups and facilitated discussions, one for each of the following industries:

• Built Environment; Construction, Energy, Transport

Facilitated by Prof. Peter Garside, Kingston University

Speakers: Maria Brucoli, EDF Energy; Prof. Hasan Haroglu, Kingston University; Ben Knowles, Pedal Me; Tim Rose, EDF Group; Nathan James Van Gambling, Consultant

• Business & Professional Services, Manufacturing & Technology

Facilitated by Andrew Wooldrige, Kingston Business Forum

Speakers: Michelle Peters, Paragon Office Cleaning; David Randall, Maple Works; Will Todd, Carbon Architecture; Sophie Walker, Dsposal UK

• Hospitality; Retail, Arts/Culture & Leisure

Facilitated by Sam Eastwood: Bentall Centre

Speakers: Sarah Clay, Voices of Hope UK; Virginia Grose, Consultant; Isaac Pelham-Chipper, Conisderate; Robert O'Dowd, Rose Theatre

Plenary Session
There will be feedback from the breakout sessions & discussions: all the participants will be brought back to the main room, facilitators present the key points of the discussions in the breakout rooms and further discussions can take place.

We will wrap up the discussions with the next steps and closing remarks.



Date: 11th May 2021.

Location: virtual

Cost: Free