Police Drop-In Surgery for Coomb Hill, Tudor, Kingston Gate and Canbury Gardens

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Join us for the Community Contact Session: meet your local Police officers, provide information, make reports, ask for crime prevention advice or just have a friendly chat.

See you soon!

Cuppa with a Copper
3-4:PM, Thu 18 April 2024, TUDOR DRIVE LIBRARY

Cuppa with a Copper
3.30-4.30PM, Fri 19 April 2024, HMCA HAWER

Cycle Marking Or Registration
12-2PM, Sat 20 April 2024, Cycle Exchange, Sury Basin, Kingston

Bike marking scheme
12-2PM, Sat 20 April 2024, New Malden train station, Coombe Road, New Malden KT3 4PX

Street a week
11AM-12PM, Thu 25 April 2024, Cumberland House, Kingston Hill, KT2 7LL

Online Surgery
9.30-10PM, Thu 25 April 2024, NextDoor, Email and Twitter

Bike marking scheme
10.15AM-12.30PM, Sat 11 May 2024, YMCA HAWER

Community event
5-9PM, Thu 23 May 2024, Kingston/Canbury Scouts and Guides Activities

Ward Panel meeting
7-9PM, Wed 29 May 2024, Canbury Pavilion, Canbury Gardens, Kingston

Community event
5-9PM, Thu 27 June 2024, Kingston/Canbury Scouts and Guides Activities






Date: 16th October 2023 - 30th June 2024 Recurs daily.

Location: Kingston Kingston

Cost: Free