Together we make the community safer

crying sons training poster

Training sessions for parents and young people on county lines and the dangers.

Are you ready to level up your knowledge, skills, and confidence? There's an exciting FREE training opportunity just for you!


What you'll learn: 

Honest and open talk about Gangs - Better understanding of the reality around gangs. 

Local drug market - Understand what's happening in your neighbourhood and London when it comes to drugs.

County Lines - We'll break down what county lines mean 

Spotting the Signs of Grooming - Learn how to recognize grooming and protect yourself and your friends.

Exploitation - Find out what exploitation is and how you can fight against it.

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls - Let's stand together against violence. Learn how.

Escape the Grip of Gangs and Serious Violence - Discover techniques to break free and stay safe.

The Power of Words - Understand why language matters and how it can shape your world.


No need to sign up, join us at Queen Mary Hall, Cambridge Gardens on the 13th October at 12pm. 

Date: 13th October 2023.

Location: Kingston Kingston

Cost: Free

Time: 12:00 - 14:00