How we prepare and plan for an emergency

Understanding the risks to London: London risk register

Part of emergency planning is to identify any risks we may face. This helps us plan our response to those risks.

We are part of the group that has developed a London community risk register. The register summarises the types of emergencies that may affect London. It can help you understand the risks and the impact they may have on you, your family or your business.

You can read the London risk register on

Why have a London risk register?

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 is the law that guides us in emergency planning. This Act places a legal duty on category one responders to produce a community risk register. Category one responders within the borough are:

Producing a community risk register together means:

  • all category one responders have an accurate and shared understanding of the risks they face 
  • we have a rational basis for prioritising objectives, work programmes and resources 
  • category one responders are able to assess their plans and capabilities 
  • we have joined-up local planning, based on consistent planning assumptions 
  • category one responders can provide an accessible overview of the emergency planning and business continuity planning  
  • we are able to inform and reflect regional and national risk assessments

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