Coping with extreme weather

Hot weather: Heatwaves

What action should I take?

During a heatwave the very young, the elderly and the seriously ill are particularly at risk of health problems. Very hot weather can make heart and breathing problems worse.

Find out what action to take during hot weather with the NHS Heatwave series of booklets. These provide information about helping yourself and others during a heatwave. 

The NHS heatwave booklets are available from GOV.UK

There are several booklets:

  • Looking after yourself and others during hot weather: the latest advice
  • Heatwave Plan for England 
  • Advice for health and social care professionals
  • Advice for care home managers and staff
  • Advice for those looking after children 
  • Making the case: the impact of heat on health – now and in the future

Tips for coping in hot weather from NHS choices

  • shade or cover windows exposed to direct sunlight, external shutters or shades are very effective, while internal blinds or curtains are less effective but cheaper and easier to install
  • take a break from the heat by moving to a cooler part of the house (especially for sleeping)
  • wear loose, cool clothing, and a hat and sunglasses if you go outdoors
  • remember that it may be cooler outside in the shade or in a public building (such as places of worship, local libraries or supermarkets)
  • open windows (when it is safe to do so) when the air feels cooler outside than inside, for example, at night. Try to get air flowing through the home
  • check that central heating is turned off
  • turn off lights and electrical equipment that isn’t in use
  • drink plenty of fluids and cool drinks avoiding drinks which contain caffein, alcohol or that are high in sugar. 

Read more about preparing for heatwaves on NHS choices

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