Where to vote - polling districts and stations

Your polling station

We have 19 wards in the borough each with three or four polling districts. There are 56 polling districts across the borough, each with their own polling station. 9 Wards have 2 councillors, while 10 wards have 3 councillors. 

You can use your post code to look up your polling station on our map.

Polling cards

We will send you a polling card just before an election telling you where and when to vote. If you don't get a polling card or you lose it, don't worry. You don't need your polling card to vote. If you're registered to vote you just need to go to your polling station and give your name and address.

Polling station opening hours

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on polling day.

Access to your polling station 

All polling stations are provided with a low-level polling booth and equipment for anyone with a sight impairment. If we use a venue that isn’t accessible to those in a wheelchair we will make this clear on your poll card.

Every polling station will provide a large print display version of the ballot paper and a special device so that blind people can vote.

Last Modified: 11/07/2022 11:59:34