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Your thoughts on our polling districts and polling places

Notice of review of polling districts and polling places

Section 18C (4) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 (as amended) The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013  

Following the Local Government Boundary Commission’s review of the council’s wards, the number of wards in the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames will increase from 16 to 19 at the next council elections in May 2022.

See the full details of the Boundary Commission’s ward boundary changes 

They proposed that Kingston upon Thames should be represented by 48 councillors in future and that those councillors should represent 10 three-councillor wards and 9 two-councillor wards across the council.

As a result of the new ward arrangements, it is necessary for the authority to undertake a full review of all polling districts and polling places for the new wards:

Notice of Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places.

The proposals

Proposals for polling districts and polling places for each of the 19 new wards will be published by the (Acting) Returning Officer on 15 October.

The proposals are based on the following key considerations:

  • The suitability and availability of polling places for use as polling stations

  • The accessibility of every polling place to electors who are disabled

  • The designation of a polling place is within a reasonable reach of all electors from across a polling district

  • Physical barriers such as parks, railway lines and main roads

  • To have due regard to the number of electors allocated to a polling station.

You can view:

The table of proposals, An interactive map showing the proposals and PDF maps showing proposals for each of the new wards [email protected] - Portrait.pdf from 15 October.


The council is now reviewing all the polling districts and places used at elections to take account of these new ward boundaries. Proposals for new voting arrangements, and the Acting Returning Officer’s comments, will be available on this website from 15 October 2021.

The council welcomes proposals and/or comments from any interested person within the authority or within a UK Parliamentary constituency which has any part in the authority, may make a representation about any aspect of the polling districts or polling places to be used at future elections. 

Proposals and comments are particularly sought from Disabled residents, and from individual people or interested groups and organisations who have experience in making facilities and premises accessible, particularly for Disabled people.

Anyone commenting on the suitability of existing or proposed polling places is asked to provide suggestions for alternative venues, where possible, to assist the review process.

Comments and representations should be made in writing and can be sent to Electoral Services until 19 November 2021.   

By post: Polling District and Places Review Electoral Services, Guildhall, 2 High Street, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1EU

By email: Subject: Polling Review to el[email protected]

Online: You are able to view and make comments on the proposals online here

Proposals will also be available to view in person, at the following libraries:

  • Hook and Chessington Library    

  • Kingston Library

  • Old Malden Library  

  • Surbiton Library

  • Tudor Drive Library


They will also be available to be viewed in person, by appointment at the council offices. To make an appointment please contact us at [email protected] or phone 020 8547 5026.

Please note that all proposals and comments received will be published and available to view on the council’s website at the conclusion of the review.

Timetable for the review

11 October 2021 - Publication of Notice of Review 

15 October 2021 - Publication of proposed new polling scheme and (Acting) Returning Officer's comments and start of consultation period.

19 November 2021 - Public consultation period closes.

14 December 2021 - Final proposals considered at full council, including all representations.


What is a polling district?

Every ward is divided into polling districts and each district has a polling place, such as a school or community centre. A polling station is the room or building inside a polling place that is used for elections. All voters are allocated to a polling district and its polling place/station for voting.

Where can I see the new ward boundaries?

The new ward boundaries are available on the Local Government Boundary Commission’s website.

We will be updating this website with maps showing the new ward boundaries and the proposed new polling districts on 15 October.

Where can I see the current ward boundaries and polling districts?

Maps of the current ward boundaries are available on our website.


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