Foreign Pension/Proof of Life Documents

Kingston Electoral Services are able to provide a stamp on your ‘Proof of life’ form (free of charge) to confirm you are eligible to receive a pension from another country.

This is not a drop-in service and you will need to book an appointment. 

Appointment can be booked:

By phone: 020 8547 5026

By email:

With the covid restriction, we are currently working from home and will be until further notice. 

We are currently providing foreign pension stamps by video call using Google Meet  (Which can be used on a smartphone, tablet devices and web browsers). You need to send the form with a cover letter including your email address for us to contact you, to confirm your appointment. You will need to show your passport so we can verify your identity. In-person appointments may be possible, please contact us. 

Address to send your documents:

Electoral Services

High Street

Kingston upon Thames


Last Modified: 02/02/2023 13:56:41