Violence against Women and Girls

Safer Streets #StepUpSWLondon

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Kingston is one of the safest boroughs in London and we are committed to continuing to make the borough even safer for all our residents. We want women and girls in South West London to feel confident and welcome to enjoy the places where they live, work and visit.

Our approach is rooted in close partnership working, prevention and early intervention, to tackle violence against women and girls. To help with this, Kingston Council, together with Merton, Richmond, and Wandsworth Councils, as well as the Met Police launched the #StepUpSWLondon campaign. 

Ending violence against women and girls is everyone’s business. That’s why we’ve created this space to keep members of the community updated on our ongoing work and share key tools and resources that can support you to #StepUp and help to end violence against women and girls.

How can you Step Up as an individual?

From the government and local authorities, to the police, and individuals in the local community – we all have a role to play to help keep women and girls safe. Nearly half of women asked in South West London said they didn’t feel safe on public transport, and the majority said they felt unsafe after dark.
Our streets should be safe for everyone and we are committed to make it happen.

By standing against all forms of abuse, and holding perpetrators accountable, we can create a society where women and girls are safe.
Learn what kinds of behaviours can be considered as violence and how you can stand up to this kind of behaviour in a safe and confident way in this short video.
If you would like to learn more, consider downloading and reading our comprehensive Bystander Intervention Guide.

We also strongly encourage you to sign up to the White Ribbon Promise.

How can you Step Up as a Business? 

1) Sign up to the Women's Night Safety Charter here. Send a clear message that you will not tolerate violence and harassment at your venue.

2)  Learn to identify the issues surrounding sexual harassment, safeguarding, and vulnerability. Sign up for free Night Time Economy training, Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s free Bystander Intervention Training in September, October and November, set up Ask for Angela in your venue and learn more about Spiking

3) Show your organisation’s commitment to fostering a safe and positive work environment for women to thrive by becoming a White Ribbon Accredited Organisation

4) Discover our Safer Streets Business Toolkit, use it at your business and help us raise awareness within the community. 

5) Consider becoming a Safe Space Location, if you are an appropriate business, or sponsoring one of the local community safety groups. 
There is a range of local organisations supporting victims of domestic abuse and Violence Against Women and Girls - if you are interested in sponsoring a local initiative or you are an organisation that could use some support, please contact Kavitha Ramakrishnan at:

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