King Edward's Recreation Ground - Completed community parks programme works

King Edward's Recreation Ground
Hook Road, Chessington, KT9 1PL
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Playground Improvements

In November 2019, we asked for your views on our draft plans for the revamp of King Edwards playground. Residents had their say at local events and on our consultation portal Kingston: Let’s Talk. Thanks to your great input we have adapted our plans and we are pleased to announce the final design.

You said

The feedback on the plans was positive and included:

  • Asking for a wider range of play equipment in the toddler area.

  • Requesting a sandpit.

  • Request a trampoline (to match those installed in neighbouring sites).

  • Requesting a seesaw.

We Did

Based on your comments we have revised the plans for King Edwards playground. The changes are: 


We agreed with your feedback that trampolines are a popular feature in other parks within the borough so we have included one in the final design.


A raised sandpit has been added and will be located between the Toddler and Junior zone.


The Junior zone will now feature a seesaw. With the addition of the neighbouring sandpit and relocation of the gravity bowl there is now a wide range of equipment for all to enjoy.


  • All existing equipment will be removed, except for the larger Multi-Play Unit, Gravity Bowl and Trim Trail in the toddler area, and the Miram in the Junior area. The existing Playdale Play Panels will be carefully uplifted and reinstalled lower so they are suitable for wheelchair users. 
  • The Gravity Bowl will be uplifted and relocated to the Junior area.
  • The fencing within the multi-use games area (MUGA) and the two existing picnic benches will be removed.
  • The fencing and gates around the play area perimeter & Toddler area will be retained.
  • The grass matting surfacing will be removed from the Toddler area under the Gravity Bowl and from the trail Items in the Nature area. As annotated, the corners of the existing wetpour pads will be removed with groundworks to allow for the creation of a more organic surfacing shape.

The Final Design

The final design has integrated play equipment, surfacing and design. The playground will feature five new distinct zones - a gym, a multi-use games area (MUGA), Toddler zone, Junior area and Nature area. The gym area will provide a wide range of equipment to suit all abilities. Static equipment including a push up bars platform will be available, as well as a double chest press and hand bike equipment.

The multi-use play area will be much improved with new surfacing, Multi Goal installation and cricket wicket, along with a new seating and picnic area.

The Toddler and Junior areas will see a number of improvements that include: a new four tower tunnel structure, a sandpit, a crazy scrambler, manipulative play panels and an impressive structure called Mount Fuji, which will act as the focal point of the playground.

The nature area will provide a challenging agility trail with a number of climbing and balancing challenges. The surface area and access will be improved throughout for all to enjoy.

Friends of Parks

The community groups that work in our parks make a huge difference to the quality of the spaces. They lead on all sorts of activities that make the park a better place. Some run events, some do a lot of gardening, improvements and planting, some run activities and many are involved in the future planning for the park.

We dont currently have a friends of group for King Edwards Recreation. If you are intersted in forming a group or would like to be involved in community led projects in other parks please visit our Get involved in your local park page.