Fairfield Recreation Ground - Completed community parks programme works

Fairfield Recreation Ground
Fairfield Road, Kingston, KT1 2PY
  • outdoor fitness equipment
  • football
  • cricket
  • toilets

Park improvements and outdoor gym

As part of the Community Parks Programme, new gym equipment and entrance gates have been installed in Fairfield Recreation Ground. 

The new entrance gates create three new entry points into the park. The new entrances, which have self-closing mechanisms, link into a footpath around the boundary of the park, which was put in place earlier in 2018. 

Eight new pieces of gym equipment have been installed in easy reach of the boundary of the park. 

Friends of Parks

The community groups that work in our parks make a huge difference to the quality of the spaces. They lead on all sorts of activities that make the park a better place. Some run events, some do a lot of gardening, improvements and planting, some run activities and many are involved in the future planning for the park.

We dont currently have a friends of group for Fairfield Recreation. If you are intersted in forming a group or would like to be involved in community led projects in other parks please visit our Get involved in your local park page.