Fees and charges

Find out the fees and charges when arranging a funeral


The cremation fee is inclusive of an urn or a placement of remains within the Gardens of Remembrance.

Service costs

Options for services are: 

  • standard service: £725
  • 8.30am with no service: £305
  • services that start at 9am and 9.40am:  £445
  • services that start at 10.20am onwards: £725
  • services on a Saturday or Sunday have a surcharge: £620
  • extended service: £300
  • late cremation paperwork: £50

These are booked with your funeral director. 

Obitus Webcast

Options for webcastings are:

  • webcast service live: £50
  • live, 28 day and downloadable: £60
  • keepsake copy (DVD, Blu-ray or USB stick): £65

These are booked with your funeral director.

Visual Tributes

Options for visual tributes are:

  • single photo: £15
  • slideshow: £45
  • pro tribute: £75
  • family-made: £25

Other tributes include:

  • extra 25 photos: £25
  • downloadable pro tribute: £10

These are booked.with your funeral director

Services for young people

You can book a free live webcast, single photo or slideshow with your funeral director

Placing the cremated remains 

Options available are: 

  • Rose Walk Sunken Garden (rights for 50 years, inclusive of a large granite book memorial with first page gold inscription and emblem): £2,750
  • Private Garden (rights for 75 years, inclusive of a rustic boulder or small book with inscription and emblem or photo plaque): £2,750
  • Columbarium Niche (rights for 10 years, inclusive of 2 caskets and first entombment if required together with a gold inscribed plaque and border): £700
  • standard Cremation Plot (rights 50 years): £1,250
  • burial of Cremated Remains: £250
  • scattering on Remembrance Gardens from other Crematoria - £100

Urns and Keepsakes

Options available are:

  • Oak cremation casket: £60
  • Decorative scatter tubes: £30
  • Keepsake jewellery, candles and clocks: price on request
  • Bio-degradable and ceramic urns : price on request

Moving remains

To remove cremated remains abroad and out of the United Kingdom, you need a Certified Extract from the register. This costs £10.


Grave and mausoleum rights

Options available are:

  • traditional grave rights, 4 foot centre: £3,635
  • traditional grave rights, 5 foot centre: £6,185
  • lawn grave rights: £2,830
  • mausoleum rights: £6,050
  • option to reserve grave rights for 2 years (only for the maintenance of existing leases): £350


Options available are:

  • burial to first or second depth: £1,950
  • burial in Chapel: £150
  • surcharge for burials on a Saturday: £620

The prices shown for graves and burials are for residents of the borough. A price increase of 50% of the total fee is added for non residents. You can talk to us about what qualifies as a resident.


Options available are:

  • exhumation from first or second depth: £1,950
  • exhumation of coffin: £1,950
  • surcharge per coffin for multiple exhumations: £500
  • exhumation per casket of cremated remains: £300


Remembrance Garden memorial 

Options available are:

  • for 5 years, includes a rustic boulder: £700
  • renewal for 5 years: £350

Plaques, books and vases

Options available are:

  • Teddy bear memorial for 10 years: £1000
  • Oval plaque with photo plaque or gilded or colour design: £250
  • Leather plaque for 10 years: £350 (email for an application form)
  • Granite book with 1 page gilded and 1 colour design or photo plaque:£435
  • Large granite book with 1 page gilded and 1 colour design: £850
  • Large book second page inscription gilded and design: £225
  • Large book photo plaque: price depending on size 
  • Second page inscription with 1 page gilded and 1 colour design: £150 

Rustic boulder options

Options available are:

  • single rustic boulder including plaque or vase: £430
  • double rustic boulder including plaque and vase: £490
  • replacement boulder plaque with photo plaque or gilded or colour design: £200
  • replacement boulder vase and top: £25 small and £30 large


Options available are:

  • rose bush for 5 years, includes plaque: £500
  • standard rose for 5 years, includes plaque: £500
  • additional or replacement rose plaque:  £50

To request an application form please use the following email

Book of Remembrance

Options available are:

  • 2 lines: £75
  • 5 lines: £115
  • 8 lines: £200
  • add a flower or emblem to 5 or 8 lines: £75
  • deluxe miniature Book of Remembrance (extra to the cost of lines or emblem): £35

A digital version of the Book of Remembrance can be viewed online

Personal or family memorial

Options available are:

  • with 1 photo, 8 lines of text and a themed background with a viewing card for privacy: £90
  • additional photos, price per photo: £40
  • additional lines, price per line: £10
  • additional viewing card, price per card: £10

We will try to meet your needs, let us know if you need a family-sized Private garden or a home and garden memorial.

Moving memorials and ownership deeds

Options available are:

  • memorial permit: £300
  • transfer of ownership and title deed: £50

Genealogical searches

Options available are:

  • per genealogical search: £30
  • your personal use of the archive facility for 30 mins: free

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