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HumanForest e-bike hire

Jointly launched in September 2022 by Kingston and Sutton Councils.

There are currently 120 HumanForest e-bikes in Kingston & Sutton boroughs (240 in total).

Key features

  • Users get 10 minutes of FREE e-bike hire daily (the free period resets daily at 11:59pm) and just 50p to finish the journey inside a designated parking area (Green Bay).
  • It costs £0.19 per minute after this free 10 minute hire period.
  • Unlock by app or by scanning QR code on the bike in the street (You must register first, see ‘How to use’ section’ below).
  • Unlike other similar schemes, there are no unlocking charges. This means a resident could cycle from Kingston to Surbiton, or from Sutton station to Carshalton, for just 50p as long as they leave the bike in the right place at the end of their ride. 
  • Residents can pick up a bike in one borough and leave it in either Kingston or Sutton boroughs. 
  • HumanForest e-bikes are a fully sustainable form of transport. The e-bikes, which are zero emission, are fully electric – with long range swappable batteries – and benefit from initiatives to improve battery life and reduce waste.

How to hire and use HumanForest e-bikes

Registration and sign-up:

  • Sign up by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Create an account using your email
  • Complete your registration and add your payment method of choice
  • You will then receive an account activation email to verify your account
  • Read and understand the safety checks guide so you're aware of how to ride safely.

Booking and Unlocking e-bikes

  • Book an ebike via the app or by scanning QR code on each bike in the street

Returning the e-bike / ending your ride

  • We recommend that you end your journey in one of HumanForest e-bike ‘green bays which are indicated on the app as this only costs £0.50. Parking outside of a "green bay" incurs a parking fee of £2.00.
  • Abandoning an e-bike outside of the boroughs in which HumanForest operates (such as Kingston or Sutton) will incur a penalty fine. (NOTE: Geo-fencing technology is used to define the "green bays" and users will see them on the HumanForest app).
  • Check the app to avoid parking in a No Parking Area. All No Parking Areas are marked in Grey. You are unable to end or pause your ride in these areas.
  • At the end of your ride, simply open the HumanForest app and slide the icon 'END YOUR RIDE' to the right once you are in an approved zone. 
  • You will be asked to take a photo of the eBike and will receive a confirmation message/email that the eBike has been successfully locked. (There is no physical lock on the bikes, simply lock and unlock via the app).

Our Community & Support team can be contacted via the details below:

  • Email -
  • Phone - 0208 157 7491
  • Live Chat - can be reached by going to the HumanForest website here and clicking the question mark in the bottom right-hand corner

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to further questions about HumanForest e-bikes can be found on their website.

Abandoned or inconveniently parked hire bikes in Kingston Borough

Please report hire bikes that are abandoned or inconveniently parked to the service operator.

The most commonly reported bikes in Kingston borough belong to :

Santander Cycles, which may be reported through the following channels:

Lime: Lime customer support or freephone 0800 808 5223

Human Forest: use the "contact us" link at the bottom of their webpage, Email - or phone: 0208 157 7491

Tier: or phone: 0808 164 9486

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