Pay, manage, and view your bill

Pay your Council Tax

You can pay your council tax by Direct Debit, phone, post, online or in person. You can also opt to receive your bill electronically without the need for a paper copy. 

Set up or change a Direct Debit

When you pay by Direct Debit your Council Tax bill is split into monthly payments.  To make a payment or set up a Direct Debit or standing order, you will need your Council Tax account number. Find it at the top of your latest bill. 

You can choose to pay:

  • monthly from the 1 or 15 April 
  • twice a year on the 1 and 15 April and 1 and 15 September  
  • yearly on the 1 April

Set up a direct debit

Pay by card online 

Make a card payment

Pay by phone

Pay using our 24 hour automated payment line: 0345 359 1111

Online mobile and telephone banking

Use your Council Tax number as your reference. If you pay by BACS, email the remittance advice to

Name of organisation: The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Bank and branch name:Lloyds Bank
Sort code:30-80-12
Account number:14717168

Pay in person

Take your bill and pay at a:

Manage your Council Tax account 

Managing your council tax online is quick and easy.

Register online to:

  • check your balance
  • choose to receive your bill by email 
  • check how many instalments you have left
  • see what payments you have made
  • download a copy of your latest bill

You don’t need to register to: 

Register, or log in, to view your Council Tax account

Sign-up for Council Tax e-billing

Rather than receiving a paper copy of your bill through the post you can opt to receive email notifications when you are billed. This helps us to reduce the amount of paper we use, reducing costs and protecting the environment.

  • once you have registered to view your account online
  • you can update your account details to say yes to paperless billing. 

Last Modified: 04/03/2024 14:40:35