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If you cannot find what you're looking for, use this general enquires form to get help

General enquiries form

Before you start, check our Council Tax pages to see if your query is answered on those pages. If you would like to apply for a discount or exemption, those pages will give you more information about what you will need before you apply. 

When to use this form 

If you cannot find what you need, you can use this form to contact the Council Tax team.

You can also use this form to: 

  • apply for some discounts and exemptions
  • tell us about a change of name
  • upload documents to support an ongoing case
  • tell us if your property is empty 

Discounts and exemptions you can apply for using this form

You can only apply for the following discounts and exemptions using the general enquiries form: 

  • disabled band reduction scheme
  • discount for carers
  • exemption for severe mental impairment 

Check the Council Tax discounts and exemptions page to apply for: 

  • single person discount
  • student discount or exemption

Documents you can upload using this form

You can use this form to upload documents related to your Council Tax account, these may include: 

  • tenancy agreement 
  • review forms to support your Council Tax discount or exemption
  • legal documents such as deed poll to show proof of name change

You will receive a review form each year to check if your discount or exemption is still valid.  If you don’t send back a completed form, your discount or exemption could be removed and you will be liable to pay.

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