Leader and Portfolio Holders

The Leader of the political Group which holds a majority of seats on the Council is automatically the Leader of the Council. The Leader can appoint up to 10 Portfolio Holders who have oversight of different areas of the Council’s services. The Leader and Portfolio Holders provide guidance on policy but have no decision-making powers in their own right. Decisions must be taken by Councillors acting collectively in a Committee of the Council or a meeting of the Full Council.

The largest Opposition Group on the Council can appoint spokespersons to shadow the Portfolio Holders. 

The Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Finance is Cllr Andreas Kirsch (Chessington South and Malden Rushett ward) Responsibilities include: Revenue and Capital monitoring and expenditure, Overall responsibility for Strategic partnerships such as police, university, external bodies such as GLA, LGA and London Councils, Revenue and Benefits, Pensions, Emergency planning, Voluntary sector commissioning, The Rose (reporting to Place and Culture committee) 

The Deputy Leader of the Council is Cllr Alison Holt (Surbiton Hill Ward)

The Portfolio Holder for Assets, Leisure and Commissioning is Cllr Noel Hadjimichael (Canbury Gardens Ward). The responsibilities include: Assets and investments, Contracts and Commissioning (with PH in Service Areas), Leisure and Cemeteries  

The Portfolio Holder for Portfolio for Business, Recycling and Customer Contact is Cllr John Sweeney (Kingston Town Ward). The responsibilities include Economic development and regeneration, Business and skills, Waste and Recycling, River, Customer Contact, ICT and Digital and Regulatory services.

The Portfolio Holder for Culture, Heritage and Governance is Cllr Peter Herlinger (Alexandra Ward). The responsibilities include Heritage, Culture, museums, History centre, Music service, Libraries, Adult Education, Equalities, Governance, Electoral Services, Human Resources, Tourism, International partnerships and Legal affairs.

The Portfolio Holder for Climate Action and Sustainable Transport is Cllr Ian Manders (Alexandra Ward). The responsibilities include Environment, Air Quality, Biodiversity, Open Spaces, Transport Highways and Street scenes, Parking, Cycling/walking/healthy streets and Public Transport. 

The Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy and Community Engagement is Cllr Roger Hayes (Kingston Town Ward). The responsibilities include: Planning policy, Local Plan, Building control, Communications, Consultation and Engagement (supported by Neighbourhood Chairs) 

The Portfolio holder for Housing is Cllr Emily Davey (Norbiton Ward). The responsibilities include: Community Housing, CRE Regeneration Council led housing delivery, HMO Licensing, Homelessness, Private Leasing HRA (with Finance and Commissioning PH)

The Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services including Education is Cllr Steph Archer (Hook and Chessington North Ward). The responsibilities include: AfC commissioning (with PH for Finance and Commissioning), 0-19 Education including Schools, School Place Planning, Pupil Referral Units Approval of Schools Budget Estimates and Schools Funding Formulae (with PH for Finance and Commissioning), Special Educational Needs and Disabilities inc SEND Transformational Plan Children’s Centres, Youth Services, Safeguarding and Looked after Children and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Early Years and Prevention Lead on Children’s Health via Health and Wellbeing Board.

The Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Public Health is Cllr Sabah Hamed (Kingston Gate Ward) Adult Social Care, Mental Health, Adult Safeguarding, Dementia Care Home, Community Safety (protection and prevention), Lead on Adults’ Health via HWBB, Public Health Chair HWBB

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