Become a councillor

Representation and nomination

Representing a political party

If you wish to stand as a candidate for a political party, you will need to contact and join the local political party. They will be able to advise you on their councillor selection criteria.

For further information visit the Electoral Commission's local elections online resource area.

Standing as an independent candidate

If you do not wish to represent a political party, you may stand as an independent candidate.

For general information on independent councillors, visit the Local Government Association (LGA) Independent Group website.

For further information visit the Electoral Commission's local election candidates' online resource area.

Being nominated

Before you can be accepted as a candidate you must complete a nomination paper and you must have:

  • one person to agree to propose your nomination
  • another person to agree to second the proposal
  • the support of eight other people

All of these people must be on the electoral register for the ward in which you wish to stand.

It is advisable to submit the nomination papers well in advance of the deadline to allow time for any unintended errors to be corrected or a fresh nomination to be submitted.

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