RBK Charging Schedule

CIL charges

Which zone? 

Use the CIL boundaries map to work out which zone you're in. You can search by postcode or zoom into the map to find the area of your development.

Residential developments:

  • zone one is £210 per square metre
  • zone two is £130 per square metre
  • zone three is £85 per square metre
  • zone four is £50 per square metre

Care homes and retirement housing:

  • zones one and two are £50 per square metre
  • zones three and four are £20 per square metre

Extra care housing:

  •  all zones are £20 per square metre

Student housing:

  • all zones are £220 per square metre

Retail-convenience based supermarkets and superstores: 

(These are shopping destinations in their own right where weekly food shopping needs are met. They can also include non-food floorspace as part of the overall mix of the unit.)

  • all zones are £200 per square metre

Retail warehousing, where the net retail space is more than 280 square metres:
(These are large stores specialising in the sale of household goods, such as carpets, furniture and electrical goods or DIY items and other ranges of goods. They catering mainly for customers arriving by car.)

  • all zones £200 per square metre

All other Retail (A1-5):

  • any development in the Kingston Town Centre, Primary Shopping Area, is £200 per square metre
  • any development in the rest of borough is is £20 per square metre

You can see the boundaries of the Primary Shopping Area on our Charging Schedule.

Public service and community facilities
There is no CIL charge for public service and community facilities. Public service and community facilities include:

  • development by the emergency services for operational purposes
  • development used wholly or mainly for the provision of education as a school or college under the Education Acts or as an institution of higher education;
  • development used wholly or mainly for the provision of any medical or health services,
  • community halls, community arts centres, theatres, museums and libraries where development is for the purposes of delivering a public service or community facility.

All other uses:

  • all zones £20 per square metre

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