Follow the CIL process

Before you start - what you must do

What you must do

Once you know you need to pay the CIL you should follow this process. (If you're not sure whether you need to pay the CIL then read: Do you need to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)?).

There are several stages in the CIL process. These are legal processes that you must follow and comply with. If you don't follow the process you could face a fine from us. It could also delay our assessment of your planning application. So it's important that you understand what you need to do and when. If you're ever in any doubt, please contact us.

If the CIL applies to your development, there are several things you must do before you start any work on the development:

  • you must tell us that you intend to start work
  • you must tell us who is responsible for paying the CIL (assumption of liability)
  • if the development qualifies for relief, you must have applied for it and received confirmation from us

If you start work before you do these things, you:

  • will have to pay the total amount of CIL immediately
  • will loose the right to pay CIL in instalments (manageable payments)
  • will loose the right to any relief (exception or discount)
  • may have to pay a surcharge (additional cost) of up to £2,500

What we will do

If you do all that we'll help by:

  • explaining everything as clearly and simply as possible
  • confirming we've received the CIL form

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