Community Resilience Fund Grants Awarded

Grants Awarded


December 2023

ROUTE 1 - CORE COSTS (up to £3,000)

Includes basic operational costs such as increase in energy bills and rent. Grants have been made to ensure the organisations can continue to operate and survive in the cost of living crisis. 

1.  Kingston Bereavement Service (KBS)  £   370.50    
2.  Kingston Orpheus Choir £   180.00
3.  Kingston Centre for Independent Living £ 2189.38
4.  Kingston WelCare £   635.83
5.  Refugee Action Kingston £   527.95
6.  Kingston Carers' Network £   375.00
7.  Mind in Kingston £ 1162.93

ROUTE 2 -  SMALL PROJECTS (up to £5,000)

 8.  Kingston Bereavement Service (KBS) £   5,000.00

Enables Kingston Bereavement Service to support and maintain core services providing ten free bereavement counselling sessions regardless of income.

 9.  Kingston Centre for Independent Living     £  5,000.00    

A befriending service for the Cambridge Road Estate and a twice monthly drop in sessions at the Queen Mary Hall for residents who are socially isolated. Also wellbeing sessions / nature walks / coffee & cake mornings and career support such as help to write a CV, apply for a role, and answer interview questions.

 10. Milaap multicultural day centre         £   5,000.00

A day centre service for members and increase the ability to offer exercises/activities to improve physical and mental health, including hot meals and outings. Supporting multicultural needs with translations into a variety of languages and providing audio/video for people who can't read/write. 

 11. Friends of Anstee Bridge (FAB)       £   5,000.00

Deliver ‘Creative Magic Minds’ for young people to take positive, preventative measures against poor mental health and well-being through activities, including art, magic, sculpting, sewing, circus performing, candle making, yoga, cartooning and song writing.

 12. Moving on Together Community Support Group £   4,102.00       

For Kingston residents who are recovering from addictions, to provide the Thursday get together session, refreshments, a warm space and Christmas meal. Achieve accreditation and certifications for 4 volunteers to deliver specialist NADA ear acupuncture therapy and Level 2 Food Safety Hygiene Certificate to 3 members on the Community Cooking programme.

 13. RBKares                                             £   5,000.00

RBKares monthly Cambridge Road Estate Wellbeing Days for a range of people from rough sleepers, those on low income, substance abusers and refugees. Wellbeing Days provide, help with self care and confidence; fruit and treats, bike locks with refurbished bikes to clients for independent transport, keeping fit and mental health.

 14. Korean Culture and Arts UK CIC      £   5,000.00

Funding for the community cafe to continue delivering cultural exercise and arts to the elderly of their community; expand cookery and baking classes for mothers with young children; and continue teaching music and singing, joining with other groups locally. 

 15. Growbaby Kingston                        £   5,000.00

Enable the Growbaby service to expand support and supplies of new and used clothes and equipment for children ages 0-5 free of charge to anyone in need regardless of income, faith or background to two new sites at Tolworth Recreation Centre and The Pantry, integrating with other family support services at these centres.

 16. Kingston Upon Thames Association for the Blind- KAB £   5,000.00           

KAB to deliver specialist support services alongside its Living Well with Sight Loss workshops. Social and Leisure activities from Social lunches, to swimming, cycling and indoor bowls, also Digital Inclusion training for volunteers to help the housebound. Also children and families sport activities and information and employment, education and technology support for working age residents.

17.  Voices of Hope                              £   4,845.00

To extend the BRITE Box service to an additional 17 new families for 30 weeks across the school year.  BRITE Box is a weekly recipe meal kit with all ingredients to enable a family to have a no cost opportunity to prepare and eat a balanced meal together.  

 18. Nanoom                                        £   5,000.00

Nanoom will be providing weekly arts and crafts classes, English language classes and Community meals targeting women from a Korean background. 

 19. Kingston Hive Climate Centre    £   5,000.00

Kingston Hive will deliver three areas of activity to enable the community to engage in environmental action in the borough. Strengthen Educational Outreach and developing promotional materials and advertising campaigns, to showcase the community achievements.

 20. Surrey Islamic Centre                 £   5,000.00

Fortnightly youth sessions, exercise sessions, workshop days and parent-toddler group open to all residents of Kingston, particularly residents and refugees facing money issues preventing them engaging in other programmes.

21. The Community Brain             £  5,000.00

Expanding the Surbiton Community Forge using the funding to Increase the number and type of fire extinguishers available. Providing volunteers with first aid training and blacksmith training. Purchasing additional Personal Protective Equipment. 

 22. Connect: North Korea                £   5,000.00

Working with disadvantaged North Korean migrants in New Malden to deliver music lessons for young children aged 10, and table tennis classes targeting men of age 50+. Also delivering a 12 weeks of Korean language advice and support from a community Health Champion and support officer to share information and advice supporting cost of living concerns, healthy living and wellbeing.

 23. New Malden Methodist Church                                          £   5,000.00               

Organisation and delivery of a programme of activities from their Be Well Hub. Including the addition of a complementary Walk and Talk session in open places like Richmond Park to the monthly Bereavement Cafe. Opening the Wesley's Coffee Bar as a Warm Space for four hours a day, Monday to Friday, providing arts and crafts for families in the school holidays. And an English language conversation group.

24. Kingston Holocaust Committee            £    750.00      

During the Holocaust Memorial Day 750 volunteers will deliver 2 workshops for 1,400 secondary school children to promote racial & religious harmony in Kingston. 

25. Kingston Cycling Campaign     £   5,000.00

Giving residents help with good maintenance and security of their bikes. Targeting vulnerable groups, homeless, NHS workers and carers through the monthly RBKares wellbeing event to provide strong locks, light sets, coloured hi-vis waistcoats, and essential maintenance tools e.g. pumps and puncture repair kits.Also printed publicity materials, including a Kingston-focused ‘How to get started’ leaflet and training session for volunteers to increase capacity to offer bike safety checks.

ROUTE 3 - LARGER PROJECTS (up to £20,000)

 26. SHINE BRIGHT UK (Shine Community Ltd)               £ 18,442.00                

A programme of activities, courses and information events to improve mental health and wellbeing. mental health and wellbeing information events, for example on anxiety and menopause, and reinstate their healthy eating on a budget workshop.

27. Kingston Bereavement Service (KBS)                         £  6,500.00                

Enable the Surbiton Community Fridge to collect more food that is destined for landfill from supermarkets and expand its offer and distribution to many more families with an electric refrigerated van.Kingston Bereavement Service will deliver 3 six week art therapy courses for parents and carers who are supporting a bereaved child or children. The specific space provides the carers the opportunity to explore their challenges and to be supported through the medium of art therapy.  

28. Staywell (Kingston Community Furniture)                 £  22,000.00*               

Kingston Community Furniture provides quality furniture to be re-sold, restored and re-used. The funding ensures the staff, vehicles and digital systems are in place to support vulnerable residents referred by GP social prescribing and Kingston Hospital discharge process to allow individuals to leave hospital as soon as possible, source specific furniture and clear houses ready to accommodate their changed needs.

 29. Kingston WelCare                                                        £  22,155.00*               

Kingston WelCare working in partnership with All Saints Church will provide four pre-school family play sessions per week, two of which will be after-school family sessions. These sessions plus school holiday activities will support up to 120 families per week over the year.

30. Kingston Carers' Network                                            £  20,000.00                

Supporting unpaid carers and providing one-to-one remote telephone support and internet group sessions increasing the opportunity for those that cannot leave who they care for. Provide information and refer carers to opportunities to participate in activities away from the home introducing a buddy system where they can attend new activities with other carers.

 31. Man&Boy                                                                      £  15,000.00                

Deliver the Man&Boy Positive Families Programme for 15 families from across Kingston with an active camping experience, intensive enrichment courses and positive mentoring. Programme of eight positive family mediation mentoring sessions and referrals newsletter to address family challenges enable them to access long term support.

 32. Refugee Action Kingston                                            £  24,000.00*               

Develop and grow the Kingston Black Network, further developing spoken word sessions and use football to reach into black communities. 

 33. Home-Start                                                                   £  20,072.00*                

Home-Start helps families with children aged from 0-5 get the appropriate guidance and connections to enable the parents to support their families. The funding expands the Rapid Response Service to have two offers able to support 100 families during the year, responding within two weeks. 

 34. Dickerage Sports & community Centre AFC            £  20,000.00                  

Expanding to offer two new facilities within a new cabin on site. One space will provide a youth area for socialising with moped/bike repair training for maintenance to ensure road safety. The second area for a swapshop creating a space to display the items donated of clothes, books, toys, and crockery, plus an area to deliver immediate need to access donations of food from fairshare and hygiene products from the hygiene bank.

 35. Kingston Muslim Youth (KMY)                                   £ 17,620.00                   

Kingston Muslim Youth will be using their New Youth Hub facility to host three areas of activity including establishing a Women’s Fitness Club, a Boxing Club and a Community PlayGroup Café where people can meet, search for jobs, and access a befriending service, with referrals and signposting to other support services.

*As per the funding prospectus organisations or community groups will be awarded up to £20,000 to develop a new approach (exceptional applications over £20k may be considered).

TRANCHE 1 addendum

One application submitted in Tranche 1 of the Community Resilience Fund was approved but the award was finalised after the publication of Tranche 1 funding on 23 August 2023. 

ROUTE 3 - LARGER PROJECTS (up to £20,000)

 38. SunrayRecycle (Sunray & Egmont Community RA)  £ 20,000.00                 

The SunrayRecycle project will increase the support to collect and recycle items not currently collected for recycling directly from residents homes, and promote where other waste can be recycled. Having increased collection and sorting facilities provides more opportunities for the community to volunteer and engage in a social setting.


September 2023

ROUTE 1 - CORE COSTS (up to £3,000)

Includes basic operational costs such as increase in energy bills and rent. Grants have been made to ensure the organisations can continue to operate and survive in the cost of living crisis. 

1. Balance Support CIO £   1,258.05
2.  Kingston Bereavement  £        74.50
3.  Kingston Orpheus Choir  £      190.00
4.  Kingston Theatre Trust (Rose)  £   3,000.00
5.  Kingston Voluntary Action CIO   £      475.72
6.  Kingston Mencap (CIO) £   1,484.84
7.  Kingston Welcare £      302.22
8.  Migrant Advocacy Service £      258.21
9.  Mind in Kingston £   1,299.61
10. Quilombo UK £      130.61
11. Refugee Action Kingston £      834.66

ROUTE 2 -  SMALL PROJECTS (up to £5,000)

12. Connect: North Korea                 £   4,993.92

12-week free group activity dance and yoga programme with additional advice on money, schools, council services, health and food banks.

 13. Kingston Theatre Trust             £   5,000.00

Providing 10 under-represented young people with access to theatre and build transferable skills through a 6-month residency.

 14. Kingston Bereavement Service £   5,000.00

Securing space for face to face counselling and expanding the accessibility to support for people experiencing loss. 

 15. Full Cycle Bicycle Project CIC   £   5,000.00

Making cycling accessible to more residents by providing bikes, organised group rides and maintenance sessions.

 16. Kingston Beats CIC                   £   5,000.00

Families Together project, supporting families recently moved from Hong Kong.

 17. Kingston Carers Network         £   5,000.00

To provide a free autumn 2023 programme of 14 wellbeing events for up to 230 unpaid carers.

 18. NANOOM                                  £   5,000.00

Weekly arts, craft and end of term community meals for Korean immigrant women through to April 2024

 19. Kingston Advocacy Group     £   5,000.00

Extend the Money Buddy project to local community and health venues, providing 1 to 1 support for vulnerable groups with learning difficulties, mental and drug/alcohol dependency issues. 

 20. Kingston Citizens Advice     £   5,000.00

Support private rental tenants in the borough with legal advice and support regarding their rights and help them resolve issues.

 21. Transition Town Kingston     £   1,000.00

Supporting the development of the ‘Repair Cafe’.

 22. Healthwatch Kingston          £   5,000.00

Work with Youth Out Loud! to develop a podcast by young people for young people about the disproportionate barriers disabled young people face when accessing health and care.

 23. New Era Community Project £   3,000.00

To establish two new allotments to grow suitable year round produce to supply local community pantries serviced entirely by local people/volunteers.

 24. Surrey Tamil School           £   2,800.00

Deliver the 2 public annual evening events showcasing the cultural arts of the Tamil community.

 25. Refugee Action Kingston £  5,000.00

Maintain the Learning Hub of 13 classes a week, for 84 clients in venues in Kingston, offering access to sewing, cycling, table tennis and sharing food together.

 26. Quilombo                           £   5,000.00

Develop two podcasts to increase understanding of the experiences of different groups, addressing misconceptions and signposting to support.

ROUTE 3 - LARGER PROJECTS (up to £20,000)

 27. Balance Support CIC                                                          £ 18,110.00                

Refurbishment of the Kitchen at the Horticultural Service and Stud Nursery, that supports adults with learning difficulties. The space develops skills and is a social enterprise to sell products grown and produced in the kitchen. 

 28. Migrant Advocacy Service                                                 £ 19,040.00                

Enable the Surbiton Community Fridge to collect more food that is destined for landfill from supermarkets and expand its offer and distribution to many more families with an electric refrigerated van.

 29. Kingston Voluntary Action (Kingston Eco-op)                £  19,875.00                

Establish ‘The Larch’, a weekly social club for referred adults with autism. 

 30. Voices of Hope                                                                   £  19,954.00                

Expand the Kingston Women’s Hub supporting victims of domestic violence.

 31. Save the World Club                                                           £  19,998.00                

Completion and staffing of kitchen facilities that has provided 35,000 community meals in the last 2 years. Providing refugees in hotels and temporary accommodations with the facility to prepare and cook their own food. 

 32. Oxygen                                                                                 £  20,000.00                

Recruit and train 5 new mentors to provide tailored mentoring for 20-30 young people aged 11-18 with complex mental health needs.  

 33. Kingston Voluntary Action                                                 £  20,000.00                

Develop and grow the Kingston Black Network, further developing spoken word sessions and use football to reach into black communities. 

 34. MIND in Kingston                                                                £  23,000.00*                

Local Community Mental Health telephone line to deal with complex issues linking mental health with financial issues. Recruiting a new coordinator and training volunteers to respond to residents calling as well as community outreach. 

 35. Creative Youth                                                                     £  15,000.00                

The team at FUSEBOX will provide training to help a local cultural group deliver six new creative activities in the Borough and target communities underserved by local cultural services.

 36. Enhanceable                                                                        £ 19,450.00                

Establish the CLICK Cafe for 10 months, 2-6pm on weekdays and providing further opening on 2 evenings, with focus upon disabled people; enabling access to vulnerable & lonely people.

 37. KingsGate Church                                                               £  19,998.00                

Providing training in schools on gender equality / harassment.

*As per the funding prospectus organisations or community groups will be awarded up to £20,000 to develop a new approach (exceptional applications over £20k may be considered).

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