Roundtable: How apprentices can help to 'green' your business'

What took place

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On Wednesday 7 February, 2024, a roundtable discussion about apprenticeships was held at Kingston's Guildhall. The focus of the discussion was on how apprenticeships can help to 'green' businesses.

We have summarised the key points of the discussion below.

There are a total of  692 different apprenticeships with more being developed all the time. Whilst environment and sustainability is being integrated into these apprenticeships, some apprenticeships have been recognised with a Royal seal of approval as Green apprenticeships  as part of the Coronation celebrations for the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.  These are:

Countryside Worker (level 2)
Forest Craftsperson (level 3)
Low Carbon Heating Technician (level 3) 
Installation Electrician and Maintenance Electrician (level 3)
Sustainability Business Specialist (level 7)
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner (level 4)

Other apprenticeships also stand out as areas with sustainability at their heart eg  Environmental Practitioner - Degree level    (Focuses on developing skills in environmental management, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. Apprentices learn to assess and manage environmental impacts within a business context.)

You can find out about accessing funding to help contribute toward an apprentice by visiting our Apprenticeships Levy webpage.

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