Net Zero Hero Roundtable Discussion

If you were unable to join us for the recent Roundtable Discussion about the journey businesses take to get to Net Zero, you can watch a recording of the Net Zero Hero discussion online. The roundtable was organised by Kingston Council and Chamber of Commerce on 4 November 2021.

The panel consisted of Dr Neil Jennings, Partnerships Development Manager within Grantham Institute, Imperial College, who joined us from Glasgow COP26, Stephanie Todd, Sustainability Manager at Kingston University, Adam Lewis, the owner of The Lamb Pub in Surbiton and Paul Alger, MBE, International Business Director at the UK Fashion & Textiles Association. The discussion was facilitated by Forbes Low, CEO of Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

We heard about what Net Zero means to them and their industries, their path to achieving net zero emissions, the challenges and the multiple benefits that arise as a result. They all agreed about the importance of the mindset in taking action and achieving a carbon negative footprint. 

Paul highlighted the importance of the consumers’ behaviour in influencing businesses and his three tips are: buy better, buy less; mend your clothes; ask questions - traceability is fundamental in the fashion industry. 

Adam suggested that you should keep a positive and open mindset, buy local, and support local jobs because the cost to the future is uncountable. 

Stephanie highlighted that there is not a perfect route to achieve Net Zero emissions. Its business is different; look at the energy and waste hierarchy and start with the low hanging fruit. 

Neil’s closing remarks were: you cannot do everything, but you can do something: nine things you can do about climate change; start by understanding where the negative impact of your business is; engage with your staff members and give them permission to take action.

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