Council climate action and emissions summary 2022-23

Theme 1: Efficient Homes and Buildings

Energy use in homes across Kingston accounts for roughly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions across the borough, which is why it’s so important that steps are taken to improve their energy efficiency where possible, as quickly as possible.

Home improvements like loft insulation and double glazing not only help reduce carbon emissions, but they also help to lower energy bills and create cosier, healthier homes by preventing cold, damp and mould. However, some of these improvements can be costly and unaffordable for some residents, without financial assistance.

This means that when funding opportunities arise to help eligible residents improve their homes, the council needs to make the most of them. The council has been working with the Mayor of London’s Warmer Homes scheme, which provided grants of between £5,000 to £25,000 to eligible households. 

The council wrote to eligible households to make them aware of the grants and made sure to share the information with those receiving support for the Cost of Living crisis and promoted the scheme widely.

Funding applications are sometimes complicated, so the council’s Climate Action Team proposed an idea to the Greater London Authority (GLA) for a service to help residents through the application process. The GLA was supportive of the idea and provided additional resources, allowing the appointment of Thinking Works to provide this much needed support to not only help lower emissions, but to also make homes healthier and safer. 

The council also connected Thinking Works with Kingston’s Community Champions who volunteered to increase awareness of the Warmer Homes scheme at Kingston’s Warm Hubs and libraries. The volunteers referred eligible residents to Thinking Works to receive further support throughout the application process and the council would like to thank them for their time and commitment.

Over 90 eligible applications were received from Kingston residents, with 59 properties already having completed the works. Many residents had their work completed during the winter and immediately felt the positive impact the Warmer Home grant had on their lives. One resident said:

“The place is so cosy! Last year, our energy bill was around £200 a month. Prices have gone up, but I am convinced we will be saving money. We are over the moon, we really are.


“My granddaughter came round the other day and it was so warm, she thought the radiators were on, but they weren’t.”

The council also successfully bid for £600,000 of funding from the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero, which in combination with council funds, will allow the installation of energy efficiency measures including improved ventilation, insulation, solar panels and battery storage in 66 council homes. This will make them warmer and reduce energy needs, potentially saving each household around £600 a year while reducing their carbon emissions.

Kingston’s first ever Efficient Homes Show took place in May and was created in partnership between the council, Kingston Green Business Community, community groups and Hollyfield School. Over 400 people signed up to attend and find out about products and technology that could help improve their homes while reducing their energy bills and carbon emissions.

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