Citizenship ceremonies

If you receive British citizenship, you must attend a ceremony within 3 months. This can either be a group or private ceremony. 

What happens next

The Home Office will send us your citizenship certificate. We will contact you by email to book a ceremony at the main Guildhall. 

We can only book a ceremony after we receive your citizenship certificate from the Home Office. You should wait until we contact you. 

Private ceremonies

You can request a private ceremony to celebrate with your family and friends. We hold these in a small ceremony room. You can bring up to 8 guests. 


A private ceremony costs £120.

If you need a ceremony within 2 working days of your request, you can ask for an express private ceremony. This costs £180 per person. 

To add more people to your ceremony it costs an extra £40 per person. You do not have to pay for guests, only the people having the ceremony. 

The Mayor presenting a citizenship certificate to a lady wearing a black dress and waving the british flag

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